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Fewer pizza boxes in landfill thanks to recycling boost.

Fewer pizza boxes in landfill thanks to recycling boost. Visy Paper installed a FibreFlow Drum pulping system for its recycled paper mill in Coolaroo, Victoria, Australia. ANDRITZ has delivered a FibreFlow Drum pulper with a maximum feed capacity of 1,400 t/d, various fiber cleaning equipment, and a spray water treatment system for the production of various board grades.

Paper drum pulper will recycle an additional 95,000 tonnes of mixed paper and cardboard every year - increasing Victoria's capacity to recycle the materials by more than 40 per cent. ​

The technology means that mixed or contaminated paper can be recycled to make new products, including boxes for the agricultural sector and packaging for takeaway food. Recycled mixed and contaminated paper can make new products, including takeaway food packaging and boxes for the agricultural sector. The drum pulper is the first of its kind in Australia. ​

The innovative ANDRITZ drum pulping system enables ​ to process a demanding special raw material mix consisting of household wastepaper and Australian OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) with a reject content of up to 25%. The project features the following technological highlights: ​

FibreFlow Drum with longer and reinforced design to ensure gentle pulping of the demanding raw material mix and efficient removal of coarse contaminants at minimum fiber loss Innovative PrimeScreen X for spray water treatment New RB450 cleaner to enable superior removal of glass fragments ​

Visy paper mill in Coolaroo is part of the Visy Group – a global leader in packaging and resource recovery – and produces plasterboard liner for the building industry as well as white and brown liner grades from 100% recycled content.

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