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TOMRA revolutionizes its product portfolio with the launch of the new INNOSORT™ FLAKE for high-throughput purification of plastic flakes. Its enhanced features enable simultaneous flake sorting by polymer, color and transparency achieving unmatched quality even from highly contaminated inputs.
Sysav Industri AB is now operating the world’s first fully automated sorting plant for textiles recycling in Malmö, Sweden. The plant is fully automated – people are needed only to start and stop the plant, feed the material in, and take the bales from the baler. The new sorting plant in has a capacity of up to 4.5 tons per hour per line. 24000 tonnes textile waste can be sorted here per year.
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) installs plastic bottle recycling machines. A new plastic bottle recycling machine was installed on October 18 at the Annam Gourmet store, Thu Duc City. It is anticipated that over 100 plastic bottle recycling machines will be placed in schools and supermarkets throughout the country by early 2024.

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