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Check out our new McNeilus® electric PTO Zero Radius™ Side Loader, monitored with ClearSky™ telematics, which is exceeding daily workload expectations and still returning with a charge!

Royal Waste’s Material Recycling Facility provides creative, cost-effective solutions for waste management and innovations in recycling. The state-of-the-art complex allows for a Single Stream Process of recycling and separation, allowing us to recycle 30 million pounds of recyclables per month to be made into new commodities. The Royal Waste​ @royal_waste_services​ is using I-bot robot sorter in a stream as the one of the progressive and effective solution. Learn why Royal Waste is the leading recycling center in the New York City area, watch The New Royal Waste Video On NY’s Leading Single Stream Recycling Facility!

Google robot learns to sort the recyclables left in office waste bins.
Robots have been roaming Google offices for two years, attempting to separate recyclable items from waste in bins and can now do it with 84 per cent accuracy.
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Tucson (Arizona, USA) has approved a contract with a California company, ByFusion, to turn disposed plastic into construction-grade building blocks. Over the next four years, the city of Tucson will spend $1 million for the initiative as well as $2.4 million for a new facility at the Los Reales Sustainability Campus. The new ByBlock facility will ​ include office or storage space. As a part of the agreement, 10% of ByBlock’s production will be supplied to the city.

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