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The Central Park (NY, US) is testing out a new recycling bin for pizza boxes

The Central Park (NY, US) is testing out a new recycling bin designed to easily fit cardboard pizza boxes. It will alleviate some of the trash pileup in the park’s round canisters. Visitors often break down their boxes and stuff them into the bins, which only makes it harder to fit other trash. More than 100 empty boxes left on top of the cans on busy days. The bin can store up to 50 pizza boxes. Conservancy staff will check the bin up to three times a day.

In many cities, greasy pizza boxes cannot be recycled, but the New York city’s sanitation department has adapted its processes to deal with the extraordinary amount of pizza New Yorkers eat every year. .

The empty boxes can be recycled within days — sometimes even hours — of being thrown out, and then turned into rolls of paper, cardboard or new pizza boxes. .

The new bins are part of the Conservancy’s ongoing effort to keep more items disposed of in the park from ending up in a landfill. If successful, additional bins could be installed at other popular picnic spots.

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