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Amsterdam Uses Cargo Bikes for Trash Collection in City Center.

Amsterdam Uses Cargo Bikes for Trash Collection in City Center.This initiative aims to reduce pollution and congestion caused by conventional waste collection vehicles. The city has replaced large garbage trucks with cargo bikes to navigate the narrow streets and canals of the city center. These bikes, equipped with specially designed containers, are ideal for collecting trash from restaurants, shops, and residences in the area.

The city first experimented with door-to-door waste collection by cargo bike in a small neighborhood around the Passeursgracht two years ago. Now, it launched a larger experiment in the southern half of the Negen Straatjes. Unlike most of Amsterdam, the city centre does not have underground containers where people can deposit their waste directly. The experiment in the Negen Straatjes district in the city centre runs until 2025. It is already leading to cleaner streets.

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