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Bottle recycling machines with on-site recycling capability.

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) installs plastic bottle recycling machines. A new plastic bottle recycling machine was installed on October 18 at the Annam Gourmet store, Thu Duc City. It is anticipated that over 100 plastic bottle recycling machines will be placed in schools and supermarkets throughout the country by early 2024. In Southeast Asian countries, only 3 out of every 10 PET PET bottles are recycled, while the remaining 7 are irresponsibly disposed of in the ocean and other living environments. To combat this issue, Botol Vietnam has developed a virgin plastic recycling machine, aimed at providing a solution for collecting and recycling PET bottles.

RVM’s highlight is its on-site recycling capability, which makes it stand out from traditional recycling machines. To recycle a bottle, users only need to put it into the guide hole, and the machine will quickly separate the bottle body, cap, and label into rPET pieces in just 3 easy steps – a significant reduction compared to traditional machines that require 11 steps.

When the bin containing plastic pieces is full, the machine will automatically send a warning, and the store will collect and transport the plastic pieces to the factory to produce new products. In addition to recycling plastic bottles, users can also participate in a lucky spin game on the machine and win gift vouchers worth up to 2,500,000 VND, applicable at Annam Gourmet stores.

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