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TOMRA presents the new INNOSORT™ FLAKE

TOMRA revolutionizes its product portfolio with the launch of the new INNOSORT™ FLAKE for high-throughput purification of plastic flakes. Its enhanced features enable simultaneous flake sorting by polymer, color and transparency achieving unmatched quality even from highly contaminated inputs. Equipped with a powerful sensor combination, the new INNOSORT™ FLAKE sorts polymers by material type and color, removing any impurities to create pure fractions. Thanks to its advanced near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer, the machine precisely detects various polymers, allowing for the recovery of recyclable materials from highly contaminated infeed.

With this technology, plastics recovered from mixed waste, for example, can be sorted for recycling, giving access to more recyclable materials that otherwise would be lost or downcycled for lower-grade applications.

Moreover, plant operators profit from the machine’s unmatched color sorting performance. Its enhanced optics, with a changeable color background and dual-sided high-resolution cameras, detect millions of colors and create single-color fractions. Its high contrast imaging can even differentiate between white opaque and natural, transparent and translucent flakes, reducing material losses and maximizing yield.

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