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RECOUP said year-on-year, despite increases in material being recycled in the UK, quantities of plastic waste exported for recycling from England have increased by more than 10% to just over 600,000 tonnes. Of this, more than 25% was sent to Turkey, 25,000 tonnes more than in 2022. This also means that just short of 1 million tonnes of plastic has been sent to Turkey for recycling since 2017.
Packaging system “Einfach Mehrweg” (“Simply Reusable”) ​ offers takeaway food and beverage providers a sustainable alternative to single-use containers .Germany’s Sykell (Berlin) said it has secured EUR 4.5 mn in additional growth capital for its system for refillable cups and trays. Sykell’s system is based on the pay-per-use principle. Partners only pay for containers that are brought into circulation. Cleaning and logistics are already included in the price.

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